Another Savannah Fourth of July celebration in the books

Another Savannah Fourth of July celebration in the books

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - People from all over gathered together on River Street in downtown Savannah Thursday night for the annual fireworks show.

Independence Day always means a big celebration for Rick and Shelly Ogle from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

“The whole neighborhood’s at it," laughs Rick. “We have a big barbecue cookout on the deck. It’s a great time.”

This year, they ditched their typical outing to celebrate in downtown Savannah.

“I wanted to be downtown in the historic area. We’re big history buffs," Shelly says. "So I wanted to see it all. It’s just lucked out that we’re right here by the fireworks.”

They weren’t the only ones.

Thousands made their way to River Street to get the best view at the rocket’s red glare.

For some, the trek downtown has become a yearly July 4th tradition.

“This is our third year. We stay at a hotel across the street," says Savannah resident Tom Robertson. “It’s beautiful.”

For others, it was a new way to celebrate a favorite holiday, even if it meant braving the South Georgia elements to get the perfect view.

“We got here a couple hours ago, waiting to see the fireworks. We sat through the rain, through the gnats," laughs Jennifer Knott. She and husband Shane, from Centre, Alabama, are celebrating their anniversary this weekend.

Shane admits they lucked into one of the best spots to see the fireworks in Morrell Park.

“We thought we’re right by the river, surely we’ll see something from here,” he says.

While all their stories may be different, they say their reason to celebrate is the same.

“You see people from all different walks of life down here," Shane notes. "No bickering, no spats, just enjoying the beauty and being Americans.”

It may not have been the usual party for the Ogles, but it sounds like that was just fine with them.

“I love my country. I love the people of this country," Rick says. “It means everything to me.”

The rain died out just before time for the fireworks.

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