Fourth of July brings big boost for Tybee Island businesses

Fourth of July brings big boost for Tybee Island businesses

TYBEE ISLAND, Ga. (WTOC) - The celebration may be over, but the impact is still being felt and will continue to be felt through many local businesses over the weekend.

Many business owners we spoke to Thursday say they’ve seen twice if not triple the amount of people coming into their stores because of the holiday. We visited a lot of local businesses closer to the pier as well. They say when people invest in local business, it preserves the beach culture, which also boosts their bottom line.

“It’s been good. This whole season has been better than other seasons," said Suzanne Anderson, Beach Bum Boutique, Co-owner.

“Fourth of July is always the biggest weekend of the year for me as well as others, I would say," said Preston Payne, Beach Bites, Owner.

Beach Bites owner Preston Payne and Beach Bum boutique Co-owner Suzanne Anderson have both been in business on Tybee for nearly eight years.

Anderson says she and her sister opened their tiny shop because they wanted to provide something many other businesses don’t.

“We try to have something different than they have, and it’s finally catching on. We have a tiny spot right here, but it just seems like people like it and it makes us feel good and it helps me so that I make a living," she said.

With thousands of people flooding the island for the Fourth of July holiday, Anderson says it has only boosted their business more than ever.

“We like it. The people that live down here that don’t have a business, they probably would rather everybody not be here, but for us, that’s what makes our business. That’s why we’re making a living, because in the off season, there’s no one down here and we don’t make any money."

As for Beach Bites owner Preston Payne, he says so far, business has been great despite some rain that moved through.

“The part of the summer it’s in, kids out of school, people traveling to the awesome places that Savannah and Tybee are.”

“I think what the city is doing with law enforcement - everybody is doing a great job of keeping things safe.”

That local support and booming business will continue to be felt throughout most of the weekend as many people stay in town.

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