House fire destroys Wayne County home

House fire destroys Wayne County home

WAYNE CO, Ga. (WTOC) -Several people are alive after a Wayne County home caught fire over the weekend.

One person says they barely escaped.

The fire happened early Sunday morning in the Madray Springs community. Taz Williams says he woke up in a sweat to check the air conditioning and adjusted it to cool the house. He says he went outside to feed his chickens for 10 minutes or so. When he tried to go back in the house, the smoke was already waist high.

Williams called for help, helping his nephew and others escape from an upstairs room by jumping from the roof. He says he heard another roommate beating on the window inside a downstairs bedroom and broke the glass for her to climb out to safety.

“Only thing I knew to do was get her out the best way I could,” said Williams. “She tried to crawl out but didn’t have the strength. So I leaned in as far as I could, grabbed her under the arms and snatched her out.”

He says she suffered cuts on her legs from the window glass, but would not have escaped otherwise.

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