Mother, son killed in Beaufort County crash

Mother, son killed in Beaufort County crash

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) - The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office says that a seven-year-old boy that suffered serious injuries from a bad car crash has died.

The crash happened on Highway 170 near the Savannah Highway Sunday night. One of the two cars involved flipped, closing traffic in the area for several hours as crews worked to clear the scene. The child’s mother that was driving the car died at the scene.

44-year-old James Bush is currently in the hospital with serious injuries. He is being charged with two counts of felony DUI. Police are waiting to see if Bush recovers before deciding if he will face additional charges.

Police say Bush was initially being pulled over for making an illegal right turn.

“The deputy sheriff activated his blue lights, attempted to stop the individual in the Mercury. The Mercury did a couple of U-turns and drove through some parking lots, and ultimately ended up on Robert Smalls Parkway, or Highway 170," a Port Royal police officer said.

Police say the deputy knew the speeds were dangerous for the general public during the chase, and ended the pursuit. However, witnesses say Bush kept driving at a high rate of speed even 13 minutes after the chase ended.

“There were several miles and 13 minutes between the termination of the pursuit at the Burton Hill Road intersection where it was terminated, to where the accident happened - and a different direction as well.”

Port Royal Police will continue to investigate.

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