GA Hwy 67 widening project in Bulloch County hits milestone

GA Hwy 67 widening project in Bulloch County hits milestone

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Drivers who travel from Statesboro to Interstate 16 can expect changes to a two-year widening project.

Construction crews are working on a 13-mile stretch of Georgia Highway 67 - from I-16 to the Statesboro Bypass. Drivers could be diverting over to the new lanes as soon as the end of the week as crews get the first part of this long project ready.

Orange barrels line the highway as crews build new sections of road and everything underneath. Drivers who travel the road say they’re surprised at the work they’ve seen.

“Progress seems to be coming pretty quickly. I didn’t expect as much to be done in this time frame as has been done,” said commuter, Charlie Martin.

Georgia Department of Transportation announced the widening last year, saying that it would take nearly two years to widen all 13 miles.

“The heavy construction started in January. Here we are in July, and we’re opening 3.1 miles of new roadway," said Jill Nagel, GA D.O.T. Spokesman.

WTOC got the chance to drive part of the road on Wednesday. The three-mile stretch runs from the Brooklet Denmark Highway to an area near Emit Grove Road. As soon as Friday, crews will move traffic onto the new lanes while they resurface the old lanes.

“The contractor’s been working six days a week for the past six months. They’re on schedule. At the rate they’re going, they could possibly move ahead of schedule," said area manager, Steve Price.

They’ll divert traffic in places as they get more stretches paved. That means drivers need to pay close attention for signs and barrels.

“If people will mind their manners, drive like their Mama taught them, and be nice to each other, it should be just fine," Martin said.

We’ll let you know as soon as GA DOT advises us on the lane change. It could start as soon as Friday. It could be Monday or Tuesday at the latest. At this rate, drivers could see all four lanes open by late 2020.

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