New early learning center to open in East Broad school

New early learning center to open in East Broad school

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Only a month remains before students get ready to return to school. One group will be doing it as a new school in a familiar building.

Savannah-Chatham County Public School System is preparing the new school with funding from the Savannah film industry.

SCCPSS thought they would use the Thunderbolt Elementary school for storage. Instead, they started renting it out to film crews for the movie Gemini Man. That has paid for more than 75% of turning East Broad K-8 into Formey Early Learning Center.

Dr. Vallerie Cave gave a school update to the board at Wednesday’s meeting.

In total, it took about $160,000 to turn the K-8 school into a new early learning center.

That means buying chairs and tables fit for four and five-year-olds instead of seventh and eighth graders.

The school board was very complimentary of the staff who creatively figured out how to fund most of this change with an old school building in Thunderbolt.

“The confidence that the community had in our decision to close Thunderbolt and the creativity we had in turning that into a revenue generating feature, I really appreciate that we are able to take those funds. and really make it into something our community needed for an age group that really needed it,” said District 2 Representative Dr. Dianne Hoskins-Brown.

This all comes with a push from the school district to cater and offer more resources to pre-K and kindergarden students in the Savannah-Chatham area.

There will be 24 classes, with 14 of those being kindergarden classes.

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