Effingham County Health Dept. holding free screenings for students

Effingham County Health Dept. holding free screenings for students

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - With the number of recent measles cases in the state of Georgia, the Effingham County Health Department has decided to hold free vision, hearing, and dental screenings for students in the area.

The department says this is the first year they are holding free screenings. The Health Department was packed Thursday morning with students and families getting their screenings ahead of the school year. Health officials say not only are they important, but vaccinations are as well.

Nurse Manager Cindy Grovenstein says vaccinations are required in the state of Georgia for children to enter school. She says once a child reaches four-years-old, they are typically all caught up until middle school. She says when it comes to vaccinations, they are essential because they prevent illnesses from spreading to even more students.

“We want everyone to be vaccinated as well. We’ve had measles outbreaks in the state, Fortunately, we haven’t had anything close to our area, but all children need to be vaccinated because there are children who are in the schools systems who cannot be vaccinated because they’re immunocompromised, so if the other children are vaccinated, that helps protect those children as well," Grovenstein said.

Those who missed Thursday’s screenings can go Friday from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., or next week during regular hours.

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