Savannah’s Golden Corral closes due to expired lease

Savannah’s Golden Corral closes due to expired lease

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The doors to Savannah’s Golden Corral closed for the last time Wednesday night.

The restaurant closed suddenly due to their lease expiring at the Abercorn and White Bluff location. Customers walked up to the door to see the sign and turned away upset. Their surprise doesn’t come close to how the workers feel. The restaurant is no more, which means the same for their jobs.

“I just can’t believe that the doors are shut. I’m in shock," said Chris Thompson.

Thompson says everybody has their favorites, and for him, this is the spot.

“Their awesome pot roast. Their fried chicken is fantastic. The bourbon chicken is one of my favorites. It’s just a good place to go to; leaves a hug on your tummy like I say," he said.

According to their regular schedule, Golden Corral closes at 10 - but a few hours before, managers were already stopping serving and locking the doors. They placed signs on the doors saying “Closed due to lease expiration.”

WTOC asked the Golden Corral manager about the closing. He referred our crew to their corporate office for comment.

“It’s crazy because they are a franchise. They are all over the country. This place has been here for a while. It is a predominantly good location; a lot of food, a lot of places, a lot of businesses.”

“I honestly feel like they should open Golden Corral back up. This was a nice restaurant, and I’m just sorry for all of the workers who worked here and lost their job,” said Ashayla Macon, Savannah.

More than loyal customers, the closing impacts the dozen or so workers. Golden Corral Staff says they won’t talk to us on camera, but we’re told some didn’t find out until Wednesday afternoon that it would be their last day.

“It’s really lame, because people here got jobs, they got families, bills, all that,” said Cam’ren Roa, Savannah.

Since Wednesday night’s closing, WTOC has learned the restaurant received a C-rating from the health department at the end of May. The issues found were mostly food temperature and flies. They were given a deadline of June 10 to correct the problems. However, we could not find a follow-up report on record. It is not known if this has anything to do with the restaurant’s closing.

The Golden Corral Franchise released the following statement on Thursday:

Our restaurant in Savannah, GA has closed. We appreciate the support of the Savannah community and all of the guests who have dined with us. We hope to serve you again in the future should your travels take you to one of our other restaurant locations in South Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. Each of our Savannah employees will receive a severance offer and we hope to transfer members of our management team to other restaurants.

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