Richmond Hill’s Mayor Pro-Tem resigning from City Council

Richmond Hill’s Mayor Pro-Tem resigning from City Council

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - The City of Richmond Hill will soon be losing another member of its City Council.

Mayor Pro-Tem Tara Baraniak has decided to resign. She has not yet made the public announcement, but WTOC spoke to her about the decision and what it means for the City of Richmond Hill.

After five years with the city, Baraniak says she’s decided to leave the city for an opportunity she couldn’t miss. She was previously on the Planning and Zoning Commission prior to stepping into the Mayor Pro-Tem role this year.

She says while she will miss all things Richmond Hill, she and her family are taking a leap of faith for a once in a lifetime opportunity. She says her daughter was recently accepted into a private school in Jacksonville, Fla. that believes in tying academics and athletics together. Baraniak says she wants to teach her daughter the importance of taking chances.

Through it all, she says the city has a very strong team within council, and whoever takes her seat, she hopes they have good intentions with no hidden agendas, and will want what’s best for Richmond Hill.

“I have to teach her that sometimes it’s a great idea to take a risk, so we’re going for it. I’m going to miss the City of Richmond Hill greatly, but I don’t want to look back four months from now and go, ‘what if,’ so we want to have the answer to that question which is why we are going to go after that opportunity," Baraniak said.

Her last day will be Aug. 19. She will make her public announcement at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. This will make three vacant seats within council.

The city is looking to fill those three vacant seats by the next election in November.

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