50th anniversary of Apollo 11: Man lands on the moon

50th anniversary of Apollo 11: Man lands on the moon

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - 50 years ago, Apollo 11 blasted off from Earth on its historic mission to the moon. All this week, WTOC is celebrating that accomplishment.

Man blasting off to land on the moon captured the imagination of the world. A million people crowded around The Kennedy Space Center in Florida to watch the launch of Apollo 11.

Three astronauts - Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, and Neil Armstrong - were on their mission to go where no man had ever gone before: to land on the surface of the moon. The primary objective for Apollo 11 was simple and straightforward: Perform a manned lunar landing and return. However, there was nothing simple about it. Each step of the journey brought different challenges, and things needed to go perfectly for the crew to perform the mission.

From take off to the actual landing on the moon, the world stopped to watch with incredible wonder and awe with every new accomplishment. It left many speechless. Man’s footprint on the moon was now forever etched in the nation’s mind, but the astronaut’s mission was far from over. To finish the mission, they needed to get home safely. With the splashdown, the journey was complete,

It took eight glorious days in July of 1969, It was a sense of pride for not just the United States, but for all of mankind - who had dreamed to touch the heavens.

In all, NASA would land six man missions on the moon - the last one in 1972.

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