City of Beaufort ends efforts to revitalize Boundary Street

City of Beaufort ends efforts to revitalize Boundary Street

BEAUFORT, S.C. (WTOC) -Beaufort City leaders have long said that Boundary Street is the gateway to their city. That’s why the City has invested millions over the years to improve the thoroughfare.

On Monday night, a new ordinance will be read for the first time in Beaufort that would end the City’s efforts to revitalize Boundary Street. The ordinance created new codes for buildings, narrowed the streets, and created a consistent ‘Beaufort image’ for the area. And while that may not seem like a big task, it was a project that cost the city nearly $30 million dollars.

Beaufort residents believe their town is something special. 12 years ago, they decided they didn’t want the street people drive through to get to their town to be what Beaufort’s Mayor refers to it as: “anywhere USA.” An ordinance was passed to visually enhance Boundary Street. The mayor says the project total of $30 million was mainly funded by three sources: the last penny sales tax, federal funding called a Tiger Grant, and the tax increment financing district. Now, they believe their work is done.

“When you think about Beaufort you don’t think about anywhere USA," said Mayor Billy Keyserling. "So it was just discerning to those of us who lived here to think of ourselves every time we came home as this is our home. We knew behind lighted buildings they were beautiful vistas and marsh views.”

This project included more than just a facelift for Boundary street, it also created more public works projects like a new park, better sewer systems, and raised property values.

The mayor said that although Boundary Street has improved over the last 12 years, there are still a few small projects that need to be done and won’t be affected by the ordinance they’re voting on Monday night.

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