TSPLOST funds to help with McIntosh Co. drainage issues

TSPLOST funds to help with McIntosh Co. drainage issues

MCINTOSH CO, Ga. (WTOC) -McIntosh County leaders say they are trying to deal with drainage issues they have had for years. The county hopes to have money left over from its TSPLOST funding to clean those drains properly.

McIntosh County says a resolution was approved last week in their monthly commission meeting for a vote on Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax on the upcoming November ballot. This will give the voters of McIntosh county the chance to vote yes or no on another one percent sales tax on top of their current TSPLOST.

“So our sales tax will go to 8 percent or eight cents on the dollar,” said County Manager Patrick Zoucks. The money generated will go towards transportation projects such as road paving, sidewalks and drainage in McIntosh county, including Darien.

“My current projection for that would be a five-year TSPLOST," said Zoucks. "The current projection is $7.5 million. My proposed split between the county and the city is 80 percent of that going to the county and 20% to the city.”

Zoucks says this has been a long time coming because road and drainage issues haven’t been addressed in the past and right now they just don’t have the funding without the extra one cent sales tax.

Some of the residents say they have dealt with drainage issues in the area for a while, saying it’s an issue they don’t really see an end to. A big problem is stagnant water not draining to the river the way it is supposed to. Weeds and grass have also overtaken the ditches.

The county says they hope to have funding for manpower to improve the drainage ditches in the county and clean them with miscellaneous money from the TSPLOST funding, a tax that focuses specifically on transportation related issues. When it comes to hurricane season, a representative with the county said they prepare ahead of time since they suffer from flooding when it rains.

“Currently when we have heavy rain, we have the road department out in that area cleaning all the culvert pipes up and doing the best they can with the limited resources we have,” said Zoucks.

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