Caught on video: ‘Porch pirate’ snatches boxes of heart transplant medication

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. (KIRO/Cox/CNN) - You’ve seen plenty of videos of package bandits grabbing boxes from front porches, but this one is different.

This time, the stolen boxes could have cost a heart transplant recipient his life.

“He comes from that direction over here, nonchalantly grabs the package,” Ron Kraft said.

He said the stranger, who had a pooch by his side, had no business being on his porch.

“He doesn’t even bother looking or even notices the camera,” Kraft said.

He said he grew worried when he thought the medicine never made it, then checked his security cameras after speaking with the pharmacy after they said it had been sent.

“I was shocked. I was at work and I was like thinking, I can’t believe I’m just looking at this,” he said.

Kraft spent last year in a hospital bed. He said he had a failing heart before receiving a transplant.

“I’m supposed to take this medication every 12 hours, and if I don’t, my body starts rejecting my heart and things just start going all wrong,” he said.

Kraft said he missed a dose because of this and scrambled to get more meds. Thankfully, he was able to get an emergency supply.

“I didn’t have any at all, and when I realized I didn’t have any medication, I was panicking,” Kraft said.

He said he’s hoping someone will recognize the person in the video, who he said has been reported to deputies.

“I wish they could get some help.” Kraft said.

He also posted the video online to send a message to others - “Let this guy know we’re looking for him. Just put a stop to it and think about it before you take from others.”

Kraft said the stolen medication is also quite expensive.

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