Community Champions: Bluffton Self Help

Community Champions: Bluffton Self Help

BLUFFTON, S.C. (WTOC) - When you think of Beaufort County, images of golf resorts and beach homes come to mind.

What we don’t often think of the significant financial need in the area.

“Beaufort County is one of the most expensive counties to live in, and with a high tourism industry, the cost of living is very high and wages maybe not so much,” said Kimberly Hall, the Executive Director of Bluffton Self Help.

Residents who need a little assistance crossing that financial gap often find it at Bluffton Self Help, a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services to neighbors in need.

“We distribute food, clothing, we have a financial assistance program,” said Hall. “We also have Beaufort County’s only education and resource center right here at Bluffton Self Help.”

The programs serve more than 800 families and 5,100 individuals every year, with most striving to stay above the poverty level.

“There is a real sense of folks living paycheck to paycheck, not your typical person living in poverty, but people living at or below that livable wage that need a little help from time to time,” said Hall.

The Community Champions at Bluffton Self Help can provide that assistance because neighbors in a position to make a difference often do.

“We know that by breaking that cycle of poverty, [it] really is a wonderful investment in the community,” Hall said. “I mean, we have more than 200 volunteers, that’s what helps us operate day in and day out, hundreds of thousands of hours that go into this operation every day to serve those who need us most.”

Neighbors can shop in Bluffton Self Help’s food distribution area twice each week.

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