Drivers have concern about intersection construction along Hwy 67 in Bulloch Co.

Drivers have concern about intersection construction along Hwy 67 in Bulloch Co.

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Construction to widen a busy highway in Bulloch County has some drivers worried about an intersection they think needs to be changed.

Some drivers say an intersection of Highway 67 has been tough to cross for years. They worry adding two more lanes without anything to control it will make a tough spot even worse.

Cars and barrels fill the highway between Statesboro and Interstate 16. It leaves some drivers waiting to cross and worried about blind spots due to construction trucks and high-speed traffic.

Robb Kicklighter says he sat for five minutes earlier this week waiting to cross.

“There was no traffic control, nobody directing traffic. We were basically on our own,” he said.

Kicklighter says the intersection has gotten busier with a new store on the corner and more homes built nearby. The road leads to three different schools. He worries about the increased traffic through the construction zone.

“The school traffic next week is going to make this worse, making this traffic worse. So, yeah, I'm concerned for people's lives and safety,” Kicklighter said.

He thinks law enforcement should help handle the traffic now, but he'd like to see a red light once this is finished if not before.

Kicklighter hopes the Department of Transpiration will look for a solution during construction, but also beyond.

WTOC brought the concerns of Highway 67 to the Georgia Department of Transportation. We will let you know when we hear back.

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