Chatham Co. residents learn how to prepare for hurricane season

Chatham Co. residents learn how to prepare for hurricane season

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Folks from Chatham County were invited to go back to school on Saturday to learn more about preparing for the worst during hurricane season at the Chatham County Citizen Hurricane Academy held at Savannah High School.

Attendees were able to take classes from a variety of professionals, including folks from Chatham Emergency Management Agency, Memorial Health, the National Weather Service and WTOC’s own Chief Meteorologist Dave Turley.

These classes ranged from basic first aid, to breaking down the different threats a hurricane presents based on where you live in Chatham County.

Meteorologist Andrew Gorton was also there giving tours of the WTOC Storm Chaser. In each class, these students for the day were able to ask any questions they needed about this year’s hurricane season.

"If we can get one person to take the information that they learned from here, and go back and build their family kit, build that communications plan, and know where their evacuation destinations are going to be, then we have had a successful day," said CEMA Director Dennis Jones

Saturday’s Hurricane Academy classes weren't just for adults.

Memorial Health taught a class to the kids while their parents were in class. These little students learned about what they need to take with them in case of a hurricane evacuation. Each kid was able to pick out a flashlight, snacks and even a little stuffed animal. After packing their bags, the kids were able to ask plenty of questions and even had some time to color.

“We felt like it was really important for the kids to know what a hurricane is and how to prepare for it, because I think an evacuation plays a really large role in hurricane and can really make a difference on the kids and how they are feeling. It’s a big thing for them,” said Lauren Holley, Memorial health, Safe Kids Coalition coordinator.

Remember your resources this hurricane season! Click here to download the WTOC weather app, and click here to visit the WTOC hurricane center.

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