Ga. police chief conference held at Savannah Convention Center

Ga. police chief conference held at Savannah Convention Center

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -This weekend kicked off a five-day conference for police chiefs around the state of Georgia. They all met in Savannah for the next couple of days at the Savannah Convention Center.

The Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police is the largest professional association for law enforcement administrators on Georgia and one of the largest in the country, so this is a piece of pride these officers hold.

This conference even showcases badges and different equipment departments use to improve a department, all things “police” was the focus of the event.

“This is the expo part of the conference and what it does is it allows police chiefs to see the most contemporary law enforcement state of the art equipment available because most of the chiefs are he buying agencies for the cities,” said Frank Rotundo with the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police.

The association says that with events like this, they look to promote cooperative and professional relationships throughout the state. They also look at the standards police departments hold while offering quality training and continuing education for administrators.

“We have two meetings," said Rotundo. "It is a business convention coupled with training and what we do is provide 20 hours of in-service training available for heads of law enforcement agencies and command staff.”

This conference lasts up until Wednesday with events related to training and networking

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