Liberty County leaders brainstorm funding sources for I-95 improvements

Liberty County leaders brainstorm funding sources for I-95 improvements

LIBERTY COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Liberty County leaders are trying to decide how to pay for improvements along I-95 in order to lure in more businesses.

Meetings between the Liberty County Development Authority and the Liberty County Planning Commission have seen little action in the last few weeks when it comes to talks of funding for the I-95 interchange in Midway.

“We wanted to take a closer look to see what it was that was limiting our growth and development of our interchange," said Jeff Ricketson with the Liberty County Planning Commission.

The goal is to get more businesses to build in Liberty County off I-95, but no decision was made on Monday concerning how the project would be funded. The Liberty County Development Authority says it has looked at water, sewer, and the desirability of property owners to develop properties in the area near the interchange. You can currently find a couple of gas stations and fast food restaurants.

“A lot of this land is dry and is developable, and there’s not a lot of wet lands and flood plains in the area compared to other areas, so I think there is a lot of potential in this area,” Ricketson said. Some site works needs to be done to get the land ready. Ricketson says the work would probably cost around $125,000.

“I think it is anticipated that this will be a joint funding through Liberty County and the Liberty County Development Authority, with some participation from Midway and some of the property owners as well,” Ricketson said.

Members of the Development Authority said they needed more time to look over plans and the presentation from the Liberty County Planning Commission.

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