City of Darien hopes to pave roads with TSPLOST funds

City of Darien hopes to pave roads with TSPLOST funds

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) -The City of Darien says citizens could soon see some road changes if voters approve a new round of TSPLOST funding. The measure would increase county sales tax from 7 cents to 8 cents on the dollar.

The City of Darien says one major development taxpayers could look forward to is if the TSPLOST funding is voted a yes in November would be the paving of Market Street Road, which the city manager says is very important to economic development.

McIntosh County says the projected funding for the entire county is $7.5 million. Money generated from raising the sales tax to 8 percent. The City of Darien says they negotiated with the county and 80 percent of that money will go to the county for improvements and twenty percent will go to the city of Darien. So that’s about $1.5 million for Darien.

Over $170,000 will go towards Market Street from TSPLOST. Some of the work includes clearing it out and paving it. City Manager Tim Sweezey says Darien doesn’t have the equipment to fix the road, so it has been like this for years, which holds back the economic development.

“There is a variety of service materials that we can use that are not particularly expensive as far as adding asphalt and adding brand new asphalt,” Sweezy said. “We’re in a very nice position, and I’m sure as time goes along, these roads will expand.”

Additional roads include Fort King George Road, Second Street, Jackson Street, Wayne Street, Congress Street, Martin Luther King, Market Street, and Pine street

He says one of the major ditches in Darien, which is an area that was annexed years ago, will also be cleaned to eventually become a subdivision.

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