New courses provide more options to Toombs County students

Updated: Jul. 23, 2019 at 7:32 PM EDT
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TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Some school bells will start ringing as early as next week, welcoming the new school year.

In Toombs County Schools, students will have the chance to learn more than the traditional “reading, writing, and arithmetic” as they look toward future careers. High school students could spend as much time with a saw as they do with social studies thanks to new courses as educators work expand options.

The vocational lab at Toombs County High will be busier than ever when they reintroduce a construction class. Superintendent Barry Waller says they’re enhancing some of the courses students can take, which will ultimately prepare them for careers after graduation as well as get them advanced in a technical school field.

“When you think about construction, sometimes you just think about hammer and nails, but there’s so much more. In this class, students will learn basic techniques of wiring, basic techniques of HVAC, of plumbing,” Superintendent Waller said.

It’s similar to the Ag mechanics program they’ve had to help students who want to go into farming. Waller says they’ll maintain their academic programs and college prep pathways, but they want to help students tailor their preparation for life beyond these walls.

“When students graduate high school, they don’t just walk out into the world not knowing what they want to do, but can have the skill set to go out and make a good living,” the superintendent said.

In addition, they’ll add STEM programs at Toombs County Middle School and fine arts programs at the elementary grades.

They hope to even take the STEM program they start in middle school this year and expand it down to elementary school in the near future.

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