FEMA grants millions to Albany after Hurricane Michael

FEMA grants millions to Albany after Hurricane Michael
Damage in Albany from Hurricane Michael.

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has allocated more than $2 million in funding for the City of Albany, according to Congressman Sanford Bishop (D-Albany).

Bishop said FEMA will be providing $2.545 million in debris removal funding for Albany to reimburse the city after the damage caused by Hurricane Michael.

“Our communities have been suffering from extensive damage caused by Hurricane Michael for a long time," Bishop said. “Thankfully, the City of Albany has finished debris removal due to their ability to proactively invest millions of dollars. This FEMA grant will provide much needed reimbursement so the City of Albany can fully focus on repairing and rebuilding our community. I thank FEMA for its hard work in assisting communities that have been harmed by natural disasters.”

The funds are provided under FEMA’s public assistance program, which provides federal assistance to government organizations and certain private nonprofit organizations following a presidential disaster declaration.

Albany city manager Sharon Subadan said this is the first reimbursement they received from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

She said she believes this is a good sign that FEMA is accepting all their documentation, but says there is still a lot more to be covered.

“We’re expecting to get 85 percent of $24 Million so you know give or take $20 million and so we’re only about 10 percent of the way there. We are pleased to see there is movement happening and we’re looking forward to more dollars coming back to our community,” said Subadan.

She said the city is also waiting on 2017 storm reimbursements, but there isn’t a large amount left.

We are not sure when the money will come in.

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