Customers in Darien react to store closure

Customers in Darien react to grocery store closure

DARIEN, Ga. (WTOC) - Some Fred’s stores are closing nationwide, including the one in Darien.

A big “Store Closing” sign is what shoppers are pulling up to see at the only Fred’s in town. The place known as the “low price leader” is closing its doors, leaving residents wondering where to turn.

“Fred’s is really going to be missed,” one customer said. “A lot of people are going to be disappointed."

People in McIntosh County say they’ll miss their Fred’s. They say it’s their one-stop shop for basic every day needs such as food, hygiene products, and even prescriptions.

WTOC sat in the parking lot Wednesday for a while as people rolled in and out, picking up things before the store is closed for good. Some say it’s even a spot where they’ve met friends. They say it’s the place many have visited on U.S. Highway 17 all their lives. Some even stopped by to get their last look at the store while it still has life.

“I’m unsure of what we’re gonna do. I mean, we have a couple of little stores here but we don’t have much here, so to lose Fred’s is going to be big," said Darien resident, Marlo Jackson. "I mean, I don’t know. We’ll probably have to travel to Brunswick to pick up things. We have other little side stores, but it’s not a Fred’s.”

WTOC reached out to the corporate office for a statement on why they are shutting down the store, as well as any plans to move forward. We haven’t heard back yet.

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