Glennville DQ celebrating annual ‘Miracle Treat Day’

Glennville DQ celebrating annual ‘Miracle Treat Day’

GLENNVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - People all across the country are grabbing Dairy Queen blizzards Thursday to help the Children’s Miracle Network.

That’s especially true in Glennville, where DQ staff and the community are teaming up to attempt to once again raise more money than any other DQ in the nation.

People filed in all day long, either to buy blizzards or to volunteer in hopes of drawing a crowd. The event has become a source of pride for folks in Glennville.

This marks the 35th year for DQs nationwide to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. A little over a decade ago, the Glennville DQ owner made it a big event by getting people involved. Last year, the restaurant raised more than $52,000. If you talk to Zuber Malek, he points the credit to the rest of his team.

“Myself, really low. It’s mainly done by the employees and the community," he said.

At lunchtime, the restaurant auctioned off a range of donated prizes. One single blizzard went for $950. The goal for this year is $55,019. Malek always incorporates the year for good luck. He won’t say how close or far they are from the goal, but he did say everyone’s invited to stop by and get a blizzard between now and 10 p.m.

It’ll be a few weeks before they know where they ranked nationally, but we’ll let you know how much they raised on The News at 11.

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