Addition added to African-American monument on River Street

Addition added to African American Family Statue on River Street

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The African-American monument on River Street has been part of Savannah for over 17 years.

Friday, a special addition to the statue was unveiled. It is a plaque recognizing the woman who crusaded for its creation, and the organization that supported her.

It was a decade-long battle for Dr. Abigail Jordan that at least one monument in Savannah would stand for recognition of the contributions of African-Americans to the city.

“I wanted people to know who did it; that was my mother; who sculpted it; that was Mrs. Spradley. I want them to realize - especially younger people - that this is the African-American Family; something that is slowly but surely, despite statistics, being disjointed, and when I see this statue, it’s a reminder of her work and of where black people need to be to refocus upon the African-American Family, emphasis upon ‘Family.’ That’s something I love to see," said Dr. Jordan’s son, Ken Jordan.

The monument stands nearly 11 feet tall and has a granite base. It depicts a family of four African-Americans in modern dress, standing together with broken chains around their feet.

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