Walk for Homelessness benefits Tiny House Project

Walk for Homelessness benefits Tiny House Project

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - The second Walk for Homelessness was held at Lake Mayer on Sunday.

Proceeds from the event will go to support the Tiny House Project, the tiny homes that have been built for homeless veterans in the Savannah community.

Poets, musicians, vendors and the community all came out to support an event that continues to grow.

Organizer Eric Bailey says he and a group of his friends just wanted to do more for the homeless community.

"We just want to continue to promote the thought of not glancing over these people anymore and not looking pass the problem that is homelessness," Bailey said.

Bailey works downtown and he sees members of the homeless community every single day.

He says he's been involved with multiple missions to support the homeless, but he wanted to organize something to do more.

"I wanted to do something more interactive and hands on and that was affordable housing and the tiny house project,” said Bailey. “I feel like it gives us an opportunity to come together. All different types of people from all different walks of life and show support for this cause."

Vendors and musicians also gave up their time to show support.

"I have friends who are homeless and have been homeless,” said Justin Toney, who attended the event. “Being a veteran myself, I have friends who were homeless veterans so you know that sticks with me. People who were discarded or forgotten...left for dead. So, something like this will last a lifetime."

The Shine Organization says as the years go on and as they grow, they hope to eventually have their own organization to benefit the homeless community.

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