Walthourville introduces program focused on protecting senior citizens

Walthourville introduces program focused on protecting senior citizens

WALTHOURVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) -The City of Walthourville is kicking off a new program for senior citizens in the area, starting on Monday. The new police chief says the SAFE program is a way to protect the seniors in Walthourville.

The program will allow the police and fire department to be able to keep up with seniors. They will know where they live, be aware of their medical information, and be able to get in touch with emergency contacts. The Walthourville Police Chief Jerry Blash says sometimes police are called to welfare checks and there is no answer. He says a program like this will force police to be able to contact residents over 55, whether it is directly or through an emergency contact.

“I’m used to community policing,” Blash said. “It’s in my blood, and I talked to the mayor about it, and she thought it was a great idea. This city does have a lot of retirees. With a base next-door, there’s a lot of retired military, and a lot of people retired here because it’s a residential area. Some of them just don’t have anybody.”

Senior residents of Walthourville can fill out the form at the police department or at City Hall.

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