Community Champions: Senior Citizens Inc.

Community Champions: Senior Citizens Inc.

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Even with all the education and activities, companionship and care provided at their Bull Street headquarters, Senior Citizens Incorporated is just as valuable out in the community.

"Most of our work,' says SCI president Patti Lyons, "is done in people’s homes, because that’s where people want to stay.''

SCI goes into homes every day, delivering to more than 1,500 people daily through their Meals on Wheels program, but also improving seniors lives in a variety of ways.

"We offer connections to other resources in the community that might fill gaps,'' Lyons said. "We have in-home care where we can help with housekeeping, bathing, overnight sitter services. We offer transportation services. We really try to not turn anyone away to when they call here and say, ‘I need help. We really try to figure out how to help.'’

They try to get to know the people they’re helping - the way they did with Agnes Williams.

"With Ms. Agnes, we noticed she was losing weight, and it wasn’t enough to just acknowledge that and ask. We had to probe,” Lyons said.

They found out she was sharing her Meals on Wheels with her son, who is also a senior, so they signed him up for the program as well. Now, they bring meals for both of them, as well as pet food for Ms. Agnes’ dogs.

“My dogs get Meals on Wheels, and there’s two of them, and there’s two of us, so, I just couldn’t make it without this service. It’s the best,” Ms. Agnes said.

That’s a result that came about only from the WTOC Community Champions at Senior Citizens Inc. being invested in the community they serve.

"The power of what we do is that we are there on a consistent basis,” Lyons said.

Senior Citizens, Inc. is in the middle of an expansion, which will double the capacity of their in-house programs, including their Senior Learning Center and Adult Day Health Center.

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