Long County adopts $10 million budget

Long County Commission approves annual budget

LONG COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) -The Long County commission has approved an annual budget of $10 million dollars. The $10 million dollar budget was passed on July 2nd with a four to one vote.

The budget highlights are the sheriff’s office getting more space and maintenance funding including fixing roads, historic railroads and county maintenance on recreational buildings or services.

“We have recreation services and animal care...animal shelter out here. Obviously roads. Road maintenance. Road building. Those kinds of things are all very important to citizens here,” says county administrator, Chuck Scraggs.

Scraggs says Ludowici's historic railroad depot has been surveyed and also needs work.

The item that got the most discussion in budget hearings but only cost the county a dollar was more space for the sheriff's office.

“The remedy that we have found is gonna give us the high school, which is across the road,” says Scraggs.

The Long County Superintendent says they are more than happy to help with the growth of Long County.

“We did have a vacant building that we would not be able to put students back in as what we referred to as the old high school or the A-hall and we were able to offer that to the county for a dollar to help long county as a whole,” says Superintendent, David Edwards.

The county administrator says not paying for the sheriff's plan for a new complex saves the county and taxpayers money, but the sheriff's office still gets a new building with more space than what they have now.

Their next county commission meeting is scheduled for August 6th.

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