WTOC Investigates: Military housing survey results released

WTOC Investigates: Army housing survey results

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - In May, WTOC did a series of investigative stories about a survey by the Military Family Advisory Network highlighting some level of dissatisfaction of privatized military housing nationwide including at Ft. Stewart. The Army commissioned two studies to investigate through a third party to investigate.

The original study by the Military Family Advisory Network showed military families nationwide faced several challenges including mold, infestations of insects, and major delays in getting issues fixed in a timely manner. The group is grateful the military released the results of the third party study, but says there are some big differences.

The Military’s housing studies had responses from Ft. Stewart and Hunter Army Airfield. Ft. Stewart’s overall satisfaction level decreased by nearly 1.9 percent, and Hunter’s decreased by nearly 5.9 percent. Shannon Razsadin with the Military Family Advisory Network says there were significant differences to the housing studies.

“Our survey is really focused on hearing from military families and their lived experiences in their homes, whereas CEL is a little bit more focused on measuring success on the business side and whether management is successful,” Razsadin said.

To this day, the Military Family Advisory Network says there are still significant housing issues

“What we really know here is that families are still dealing with issues in their homes,” Razsadin said.

Local military leaders responded to the survey results saying in part, “Our Soldiers and Families choosing to live in installation housing have a right to quality, safe, clean and healthy homes. Our leaders are committed to improving housing conditions and these surveys will continue to help to shape future housing quality and services.” It’s a promise the Military Family Advisory Network promises to follow in the efforts to secure satisfactory privatized military housing.

“As an organization, we feel that there needs to be two parallel tracks moving forward: one focused on getting families in safe housing, and then two, the systemic changes that need to be made so that we don’t find ourselves back in this situation in a few years,” Razsadin said.

There will be a town hall meeting in September at Fort Stewart concerning any ongoing housing issues. If you or someone you know has any housing issued at privatized military housing at Fort Stewart or Hunter Army Airfield, you’re asked to call 912.767.5770.

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