Celebrating 65 years: Romper Room

Celebrating 65 years: Romper Room
Miss Kay, her kiddies, and Do Bee

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - One of WTOC’s many legacies is our commitment to children’s programming. One program in particular was a live broadcast called Romper Room. Romper Room aired all over the United States and here in Savannah we had our own local hosts. In the early years, Miss Margaret was the host followed by Miss Nancy. Miss Kay Lisicia, born and raised in Savannah, hosted the program from 1970 to 1976.

"Romper, bomper, stomper boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me, do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play? Miss Kay Lisicia looked into the Magic Mirror and recited that famous rhyme for 6 years and was the last to host the 20 year long children’s program out of the old station on Abercorn Street.

“Fun!" Miss Kay exclaimed. "The children, I loved them, and we had that booth up there. Mothers were sitting up there and I could hear them laughing and laughing!”

It may have looked like Miss Kay had her kiddie crew in step but she said there were moments during the unscripted half hour program where she almost lost it too laughing. “I’d try to distract them, then it was ‘My mommy’s got a baby and it’s right in her tummy!’ and oh my they were precious.”

Miss Kay had some help though from a cartoon bee named Do Bee, who even had his own song with helpful lyrics for boys and girls to “beehave” like “Do be a plate cleaner; don’t be a food fussy." and “Do be a play safer; don’t be a match toucher.”

Kay has a framed cutout of Do Bee in her home, “Oh I love Do Bee and he loved me. We all loved him even the children.”

Even though she reminisces on the good times, she admits she was hesitant to even audition until her husband gave her a push.

“He said just get up there and do it. You can get up there and do that, and I said I don’t think so and he pushed me, and Doug Weathers was there. Bless his heart, several other women wanting to be on it, you know. Doug said, ‘You can tell them to go, Kay’s going to be the Romper Room Lady.’”

Miss Kay went to Baltimore to train for the show since it was a national franchise, but her skills with the magic mirror made everyone watching in the Coastal Empire and Low Country feel special.

Kay would look into the TV and say, “Oh I’m sorry you weren’t feeling well today. I’d call the names and real names that I had known about.”

As shows do, Romper Room went off the air in 1976. “I sobbed like a baby when it came to an end.” She said.

But the memories live on. “Lot of times, and they’d come up and hug me and say, ‘Oh I remember you so long ago and you make me feel so happy!' and then I’d hug 'em and say thank you thank you!”

Miss Kay taught students at Heard Elementary and Port Wentworth Elementary after Romper Room went off the air.

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