Jasper County declares emergency regarding trash pile

Jasper County declares emergency regarding trash pile

JASPER CO., S.C. (WTOC) -Jasper County has approved a declaration of a local emergency regarding the ongoing issues of a trash pile on Schinger Avenue. The county is ordering residents to leave the area for the next several days.

Jasper County sent out a release saying this massive trash pile is in fact a danger to human health and the environment. It’s still smoking in some areas.

The 45-foot pile of trash on Schinger avenue is still smoking even days after fire crews were called out to put out a fire. People who live in the area say the smell and the smoke is unbearable. Residents are being told now by Jasper County to evacuate because this smoking trash pile just isn’t safe for them and the environment. The county is asking all residents between 352 and 472 Schinger Avenue to voluntarily evacuate for the next seven days. The county has also offered free, short term housing assistance to the families. Business owners in the area say something must be done.

“I’ve got people that work for me that will not stay at work,” said Jared Stromer. “They can’t work in the offices. We’ve had to set up my project manager...I’ve had to set her up at her residence so she can do work from there instead of having to come into work. Multiple different trash companies have been dumping their stuff here and nobody has done anything about it. Jasper County has known about this. This has been known about for a long time. A pile like this doesn’t not get noticed."

“We got on that hose that you can see right behind me and set up ladders and we just use regular well water to extinguish the smoke that was hazardous to the neighborhood but that’s what we need," said resident Hampton Lloyd. "We need active water.”

Jasper County says fire protection efforts are continuing since the site owner has ceased fire protection efforts.

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