Rep. Buddy Carter weighs in on recent mass shootings

Rep. Buddy Carter weighs in on mass shootings

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter spoke with WTOC on Monday about what he thinks needs to be done to prevent mass shootings.

Carter’s comments come in the wake of the two deadly mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio that happened over the weekend.

Carter believes glorifying violence is also a culprit. He says as a society, we must take more responsibility for what is put out in video games as well as social media. He says when it comes to mental health, things have been done, but he says even more needs to be done.

When asked if the Senate should be called back early to figure out a solution, he agreed 100 percent. He says tougher background checks need to be done when it comes to who can purchase a firearm. He thinks denying people who shouldn’t have weapons is a slippery slope. Bump stocks are also something that needs to be looked at again.

Carter says although Congress can act, it’s also a societal problem that needs to be addressed collectively.

“You know you can’t blame this on politicians,” Carter said. “This is a societal problem. We’ve got to address this. We’ve got to look for early warning signs as well. What about your neighbor is who acting strange and doing strange things? I mean, those are the things we have to look at. What about the despondent teenager who has cut themselves off from society? Those are the types of things we have to work on."

Carter went on to say he’s willing to come back early to talk about background checks if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the president pro-tem of the Senate decide that’s the appropriate thing to do.

“I’m not going to hold this president personally responsible. He did not pull that trigger like they did,” Carter said. “They are the ones responsible for that. We’ve got to start taking responsibility here in America. That is one thing that really bothers me is when we don’t take responsibility.”

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