Beaufort County Board of Education approves 3 new principals

Beaufort Co. School District looks to fill principal vacancies

BEAUFORT CO, S.C.. (WTOC) - UPDATE: The Beaufort County Board of Education has selected three new principals for the school district. They are all familiar faces.

The district says the recommendations by Superintendent Frank Rodriguez are all veteran administrators.

Elizabeth Rivera will replace Celeste LaVan at Joseph S. Shanklin Elementary School. Alvilda Graham will replace Carole Ingram at Beaufort Middle School, and Steve Schidrich will replace Amanda O’Nan at Hilton Head Island High School.

The board also approved Mary Stratos for the new district chief of instructional services.

School is almost here for families in Beaufort County. As WTOC has previously reported, Hilton Head High School does not have a principal yet. But they aren’t the only school in the district without a principal at the moment.

Three schools in Beaufort County don't have a principal but a board of education meeting on Tuesday could change that.

The schools without principles are Shanklin Elementary, Beaufort Middle, and Hilton Head High School. With two weeks until the school year starts, Superintendent Frank Rodriguez is set to recommend three candidates, one for each school, for the positions. The school district's director of communications says even though they haven't chosen the principles yet, they do have plenty of applicants. They are hoping to fill all those positions by the beginning of the year.

"The county is hiring from all over and say that any candidate appointed to be a principal from inside the county will start immediately,” said Jim Foster with the Beaufort County School District. “But any candidate selected from outside, may need more time to move to the area before they start their work."

So far, most of the focus on Beaufort County’s principal search has been on Hilton Head High School. But the school district wants people to know that each of the positions are just as important.

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