Bluffton residents can check voter eligibility before November

Bluffton residents can check voter eligibility before November

BLUFFTON, S.C., (WTOC) - Ahead of Bluffton’s municipal election in November, the town wanted to make sure residents know whether or not they are able to vote.

Bluffton has grown quickly in the last 10 years. Some areas and neighborhoods have been incorporated into the town, while others remain in unincorporated Beaufort County. In fact, if you live on the corner of Bluffton and Bruin roads on the side of Cornerstone Church, you can vote. If you cross the road to be on the side Nickle Pumper is on, you cannot.

WTOC obtained a map from Bluffton Police that shows the town boundaries. Check it out to see if you live in Bluffton:

Leslie Filemyr says she lives in Bluffton, but doesn’t usually vote in local elections, so she wasn’t sure if she could vote in this November’s municipal election. She does vote in presidential and congressional elections, but in her own neighborhood.

“I vote for presidents, congressmen. In Moss Creek, we have our own polling place. things like that at the clubhouse," she said.

When we looked for her neighborhood, she found out she was not apart of Bluffton, but she wasn’t shocked. She said she had a feeling it was not part of the city, because her mailing address says Hilton Head - but not Hilton Head Island.

Debbie Szpanka, Public Information Officer for Bluffton, says she’s surprised at the level of confusion the town creates, but there’s an easy way to figure it out.

“It’s amazing that a lot of people don’t look at their tax bill, so two of the most common ways to know that you’re a town resident is, number one: look at your tax bill. Do you pay Town of Bluffton taxes? Number two: does the Town of Bluffton manage your waste management and recycling?”

There are several resources you can use to check whether or not you can vote in Bluffton. Here are a few more.

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