Students start the new school year in Effingham County

Students start the new school year in Effingham County

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Wednesday is the first day of school for students in Effingham County.

The school district says this year, school safety will continue to be a top priority.

Superintendent Dr. Randy Shearouse says the board of education is very serious about school safety.

Over the last few years, the school district has been working to install security vestibules inside all its schools. These vestibules keep strangers from being able to just walk into the school. The design forces visitors to enter through the main office where they must sign in and validate their reason for being at the school. Once they are screened, they can then enter into the rest of the building.

The superintendent says this school year will be the first school year that all schools will have the security vestibules. The district also partners with the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office who provides security at the schools.

Over the last several months, the district has filled around 200 positions. Some of those new employees include new teachers for the district’s Early Literacy Program, which means more of our younger students will learn how to read this year. The school district says it’s helping these new teachers by requiring them to be a part of a mentorship program.

As enrollment numbers continue to increase, the superintendent is asking for everyone’s patience as teachers, students, and parents get back into their routines. He suggests leaving for school or work a little early Wednesday morning because the lines to get into the schools can get long, but the faculty will work hard to get the cars in and out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Law enforcement will be out in full force to make sure drivers are being safe and obeying school zones traffic laws.

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