What you need to know about the SCANA settlement check you got in the mail

What you need to know about the SCANA settlement check you got in the mail
Dominion Energy (Source: AP)

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WIS) - Two years later, there’s a check-in your mailbox. But for how much?

If you received a check in the mail this week for the SCANA settlement of a class-action lawsuit after the failure of the VC Summer Nuclear Project, you’re quite literally one in a million. And those one million customers are splitting $146 million.

According to the SCE&G Ratepayer Settlement website, if you were an electricity customer of SCE&G and were charged costs for the construction of 2 nuclear plants in Jenkinsville, you may have been eligible for a payment from a class action settlement.

That lawsuit was filed after the abandonment of those two nuclear units in Fairfield County. The project’s abandonment had been financed by customers since 2009, and in the wake of the project’s loss and the years of customer payment, SCE&G and SCANA settled a large class-action lawsuit over the summer while denying the allegations within it.

According to Dominion Energy, which merged with SCE&G at the beginning of 2019, the checks are not a complete “refund” of customer dollars, they are a “disbursement or certain proceeds from the court-approved class action settlement.”

There has been some confusion over the proposal of a $1,000 rebate, which was proposed by Dominion before the merger. But once the merger was finalized, that proposal was taken off the table.

The amount of these settlement checks does vary, according to Dominion. Some customers will receive less than $50 for some, less than $1, depending on the rates paid by each class member.

A Dominion spokesperson also said the payments are in addition to the average rate reduction of $22 per customer account that customers are already receiving due to the merger of Dominion and SCANA.

To be clear, Dominion Energy is NOT issuing these checks, nor were they in charge of determining the amount of the checks. The dollars are coming from the claims administrator.

The initial checks were to be sent out between August 1st and August 10th. The refund could also show up as a bill credit in your account if you opted for that option in the spring.

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