Candler County schools get new security system

Candler County schools get new security system

CANDLER COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Teachers in Candler County now have a way to respond to emergencies right at their fingertips.

Emergencies inside a school can range from a medical seizure, to a fist fight, to a full-blown active shooter.

Hundreds of students pack the hallways between classes at Metter High School. School leaders say mass shootings around the country make them worry “what if?”

“I live with that fear every day, because it could easily be Metter High School,” said Principal Ellis Strobridge.

This year, teachers and staff have an electronic device that sends an emergency signal if they press in a code. With it, they can do anything from call for medical help, or order a school-wide lock down. It also notifies the sheriff’s office, district leaders, and others through an app.

We asked how fast and streamlined the new technology is.

“It’s instant. They get a notification and it gives a GPS location for that teacher or staff member,” said Allen Lanier, District IT Director.

He says it would save teachers those precious seconds of using their phone to call or text someone, or relaying information by walkie-talkie.

“This cuts out a lot of steps,” said school resource officer, Dep. Jason Aldrich. “This gets a lot more people involved in a hurry.”

It covers the high school, the K-8 campus next door, and the board’s office across town. The system also sets off emergency lights in the zones near the spot where someone hits the alert.

“Is this the answer to every problem? No, but it does improve our security here at Metter High School,” Strobridge said.

Strobridge says he hopes it is never needed, but he’s glad it’s here.

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