GSP warns drivers to pay close attention to school buses

GSP warns drivers to pay close attention to school buses

BULLOCH COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Drive through most counties in the WTOC area, and you’ll see school buses on the roads. That means drivers need to take even more precautions.

WTOC spoke with state troopers Friday about the rules of the road when approaching a bus. They want you to remember two words: Pay attention! They are asking drivers to be more observant of buses on the road, especially in places where they’ll be stopping to load or unload students.

With buses back on the roads for another school year, state troopers and other law enforcement are stressing that drivers remember they must share the road. They say drivers should anticipate frequent stops, especially in neighborhoods. In rural areas, those stops could happen on highways, too.

The commander for the State Patrol post in Statesboro says drivers need to be prepared.

“Expect the unexpected. Expect that a child might run out. Expect that a car may come along and you have to react, and drive defensively,” said SFC Chris Rodewolt, Post 45 Commander.

Rodewolt says they’ll be patrolling and issuing tickets to people who drive past a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading.

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