Savannah to host history round-up for Frogtown, Yamacraw, West Broad current & former residents

Savannah to host history round-up for Frogtown, Yamacraw, West Broad current & former residents

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Saturday is your chance to help keep the history of the Frogtown, Yamacraw and West Broad Street alive for years to come.

The City of Savannah’s Municipal Archives, along with the Coastal Heritage Society, is looking for current and past residents to come visit with them at the Georgia State Railroad Museum from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. It’s a way for certain areas of Savannah to keep adding to it’s history-rich story.

“Each one has a unique start, a unique story, and they all need to be recognized, need to be heard, and I think by recognizing that, talking about it, capturing it, I think we’re giving everybody their due and celebrating that history," said Luciana Spracher, Director of the City of Savannah’s Municipal Archives.

What the city is looking for are pictures, memorabilia or even oral history to help them preserve a very unique part of town and their history for generations to come.

Spracher says capturing that information and personal account is a little more challenging here that in other areas where they’ve done similar round-ups, and explains why.

“Along West Broad Street, a lot of changes happened during the 20th Century. You had Interstate 16 come in, you had urban renewal, so really, Frogtown was pretty much wiped out,” said Spracher.

The Municipal Archives director said they’ll welcome accounts from former residents of areas like Frogtown, even descendants of those residents who can share their stories about what businesses were important, the churches in the area, what leaders they grew up with - anything that they think helps tell the story of the neighborhoods of years past.

If you can’t make it to Saturday’s history round-up, click here to upload information and pictures on the city’s history round-up website.

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