Contractor selected to work on Jasper County trash pile

Contractor selected to work on Jasper County trash pile

JASPER COUNTY, S.C. (WTOC) - Jasper County has released new updates on their plan to maintain a trash pile on Schinger Avenue. WTOC has been following this story since residents complained about smoke filling the neighborhood from fires starting in the pile.

The county ordered residents to evacuate the area about a week ago. That order is extended through August 15th.

Jasper County says this will help give residents some sort of peace of mind as the county continues to work with the Department of Environmental Health and Control, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

The county has announced that they have decided for DHEC to work with a contractor who has landfill firefighting experience. The contractor has been on site since Friday and some of the work includes extinguishing fires and possible removing some of the debris at the site.

DHEC is monitoring air quality and have taken water samples at the site. Residents say they are happy something is finally being done about this pile because it’s been a nuisance for a while.

"It's not like this is like oh my gosh I can't believe it,” said Jared Stromer, a Jasper County resident. “This has been known about for a long time. A pile like this doesn't not get noticed."

The companies say they are working together and working towards a positive outcome.

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