Savannah area students take a STAND for faith

Savannah area students take a STAND for faith
source: WTOC

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Thousands of students packed the Savannah Civic Center on Saturday afternoon.

It was all a part of a student ministry conference called "students taking a new direction" or STAND. The ministry is a way for students to get equipped with the knowledge and tools they will need to defend their religious faith as they move through their lives.

"I feel great that I have the confidence to talk to everybody and spread God's word," said Emmett Dennis, a student at Savannah Arts Academy.

"Stand exists to teach students how to defend their faith when they get off into a rather hostile or more secular environment and so that's really the objective of stand is a spinoff of the band of brothers bible study," said committee member Rick Monroe.

Monroe says the conference is not only built around music and fun, but he says it's a way for students to feel confident enough to take on challenges that may come their way.

"Kids grow up in a Christian culture well that culture doesn't exist everywhere they're going to go and so they grow up in such a culture they don't really have to defend their faith very much in that environment but their environment is going to change, when they go into the academic world and into the working world that environment is different," said Monroe. "They need to know what they believe and why and so they need to be challenged to find those answers and to be able to explain those answers instead of just simply accepting it because their culture in which they grew up."

Monroe says the conference was also filled with speakers and giveaways including four cars and several laptops. Emmett Dennis won one of those cars. He says though he could keep it for himself, he has other plans to give it to his sister.

“It feels great she’s the only one in our immediate family that doesn’t have a car yet so it feels great to finally include her,” Dennis said.

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