Evans Co. residents to address board regarding school superintendent

Evans Co. residents to address board regarding school superintendent

EVANS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - Some parents and community supporters in Evans County have an issue with the school superintendent.

They are concerned with how Superintendent Dr. Marty Waters has changed the district since he arrived a few years ago. The latest issue was suggesting his wife began teaching at a school while her certification remained revoked.

The problem came to light last month after she was among the staff members listed for transfer. She has been listed as a substitute teacher, and Waters had her on a list of transferring employees. Since then, she has withdrawn herself from the teaching position.

Critics say Waters has made hierarchy and personnel changes within the district office, and many in the community didn’t like it.

“There’s also been a climate created within, where anyone in the system has concerns about talking about it for fear of retaliation,” said Greg Threatte, an Evans County resident.

Others said that Waters is difficult to get a hold of when they have issues.

One parent gave the board a petition asking for Waters to be fired, which he says was signed by more than 400 people.

The board did not respond to the complaints or the petition. We’ll let you know what happens next.

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