Burton Fire District prepares teachers to help in case of school shooting

Burton Fire District prepares teachers to help in case of school shooting

BURTON, S.C. (WTOC) - Beaufort County Schools start in just a week, and as teachers get ready for class, they are also preparing for a worst-case scenario.

The Burton Fire District is helping teachers throughout Beaufort County learn how to react in a worst case scenario. Instructors are covering trauma response using Jacob kits, including how to use a tourniquet in case someone does get shot. As Dan Byrne trains the teachers of Shanklin Elementary on how to use Jacob Kits, he says he can’t believe he’s telling elementary school teachers about military grade trauma care.

“We are teaching teachers combat medicine,” said Dan Byrne, Burton Fire District. “And how to react and act under fire and what to do in those type of situations, and to me, it is a very surreal experience.”

By the time school starts next week, every teacher in Beaufort County will have this training with one goal in mind.

“Stop the bleed,” Byrne said. “That they could take critical steps; very quick steps, to stop critical bleeding and save a life.”

Burton Fire District started the program, and hopes its success honors its namesake.

“Jacob Hall was a six-year-old student in Townville, South Carolina,” says Byrne. “He was wounded in a school shooting. He survived the wound at the school, and he actually made it to the hospital and made it to the surgery table, but he died three days later from what doctors determined was massive blood loss.”

Tuesday’s training was at Shanklin Elementary, and the principal says the school feels safer now.

“I think through the training they provided us, we would be well prepared to use the kits,” said Principal Liz Revera.

She says it's important the teachers experience it.

“It’s something that’s uncomfortable for teachers because they don’t want to think about the possibility of this happening,” Revera said. “But in this day and age, we have to be sure we are prepared for anything in our schools.”

Captain Byrne says the program has been so successful that not only have they gotten calls about the packs across the state, they’ve gotten calls from other states across the country.

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