Georgia Insurance Commissioner asking for GUA board members’ resignation

Georgia's Underwriting Association making sure citizens have access to insurance

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - It could be a big shakeup for Georgia’s Underwriting Association and those helping to lead the organization.

The GUA aims to make sure all Georgian’s have access to insurance when it may not be readily available.

The Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John King asked Monday for the resignation of all 12 board members over the GUA.

The head of the Office of Insurance and Fire Safety Commission said he wants a clean slate on the GUA board, which consists of four appointed by the commissioner, and eight appointed by insurance companies in Georgia.

The former head of the Georgia Underwriters Association and Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commission, Jim Beck, has been accused of defrauding the organization, charged with wire fraud, mail fraud and money laundering just a few months ago. Since then, King has been appointed to assume the role by Governor Brian Kemp.

King said he doesn’t want to be looking in the rear view mirror at the recent, controversial happenings in his office, but rather focus on the future.

To help him achieve that, he believes it will take a new set of 12 leaders to guide the GUA, which aims to make sure all Georgian’s have access to insurance when it may not be readily available.

“I want to be able to have the opportunity to charge a new board, and actually get them to put some good governance measures, some effective governance, and to deal with the crisis that this agency is facing," King said.

King said part of that crisis that his agency is facing is the loss of public trust in that office. He’s hoping to re-gain that soon.

The commissioner is asking for the board resignations by the Aug. 26th, as well as an audit of the GUA’s finances.

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