‘It’s A Great White!’ Boaters have close encounter with massive shark in Cape Cod Bay

Yikes, it’s a ‘Jaws’ flashback

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WBZ/CNN/Gray News) – Things get real in a hurry when you’re in a 22-foot boat in Cape Cod Bay and you’re suddenly alongside a great white shark that’s just a few feet shorter.

“It was huge,” said Serena Colbert, who grew up on the bay. “It seemed like it was the size of our boat.”

Her brother Sean Colbert and their cousin Mallory Fey were also on board for the great white close encounter.

“It was like the biggest thing I’ve ever seen,” Fey said. “That is a massive creature.”

“It definitely wasn’t scared of us,” Serena Colbert added.

They estimated the length of the shark at 16-17 feet.

“Seeing it on TV you don’t realize how massive and quick it is,” Sean Colbert said. He was about to take a dip in the cool bay water when they spotted the dorsal fin. That called for a change in plans.

There have been frequent great white sightings along Cape Cod beaches this summer. On Monday, a great white snatched a fisherman’s catch right off his line as he was reeling it in.

For the brother, sister and cousin, last week’s experience was memorable.

“Once in a lifetime thing honestly,” Sean Colbert said.

Next time the trio goes out on the bay, they may want to get a bigger boat.

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