Community Champions: Medbank Foundation

Community Champions: Medbank Foundation

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) - Sometimes, relief can come faster and easier online than by waiting in line.

"What we do,'' says Laura Morgan, Executive Director of the MedBank Foundation, "is manage all the bureaucracy between a patient and the pharmaceutical company to help qualifying people access free prescription medications.''

The MedBank Foundation is a Savannah-based non-profit organization that walks people through the complicated applications for free prescriptions - a process that otherwise could keep people from their medications.

"There are 90 percent of Americans who have low health literacy,'' Morgan said. "It’s very difficult for people to navigate through all of what’s available to find patient assistance programs. In general, we find that people go without.''

The WTOC Community Champions at MedBank have been the link between people and their medications, and have helped a lot of people across six counties.

"Last year in 2018, MedBank served 2,104 unique individuals and helped obtain 10,081 free prescription medications,'' Morgan said. "The average wholesale cost of those medications was $15.1 million, so the impact of the service we offer is huge.''

It’s huge to every individual who uses, as well as the entire community.

"We’re talking about quality of life, about an individual’s health and their ability to not miss days at work, to be there for their families and for themselves for that matter,'' Morgan said. "It’s vitally important. The service we provide is vitally important.''

MedBank does not distribute the medications, but partners with clinics in Chatham, Effingham, Bryan, Bulloch, Liberty and Toombs counties.

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