Walthourville Police Department hiring experienced officers

Walthourville PD hiring experienced officers

WALTHOURVILLE, Ga. (WTOC) - The Walthourville Police Department chief says they need more officers on the streets. He says they are hiring immediately, but there are some stipulations.

Chief Jerry Blash has now been chief for a little over one month. He says his biggest priority is getting more boots on the ground in Walthourville.

"We’re trying to hire a couple immediately, and then maybe a few more before the end of the year,” Chief Blash said.

Chief Blash said they have it in the budget to hire, but it is difficult to find people with the qualifications they are looking for.

“The main thing...when you have a small agency, you can’t afford to hire somebody and then send them to the academy like larger agencies can, because they can afford to wait. We need you here. We need you on the street as soon as we hire you,” he said.

That’s why the department has only three officers. They were all certified and had already finished at the academy when they were hired, but the department is still looking to get to full staff.

"I would love to have around 12 or 13, but that’s probably not feasible right now with the budget, but right now, I would love to have eight; would be a nice number to have right now,” Chief Blash said.

While the department works to get more people hired to their three-man team, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office helps out in the meantime.

"We cover 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the sheriff’s office assigns someone to cover our areas in the other hours until we get back, but hopefully, that will be rectified within the next month or so,” Chief Blash said.

If people are looking to join the Walthourville Police Department team, you can contact their office for details on qualifications.

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