Fake shooting threat prompts Savannah police to reassure public safety

Fake shooting threat prompts Savannah police to reassure public safety

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WTOC) -Savannah Police are reassuring the public of their safety after a social media rumor spread, warning people that a police officer claimed there could be violence in Walmart stores around Georgia.

Police said this was only a rumor - not a real threat.

After the message circulated throughout social media, Savannah Police said they don’t want people walking around in fear. Instead, they want it to be a reminder to always remain vigilant.

The message reads in part, “I just received this text, whatever you do this weekend do not go to Walmart for anything at all, pass this on to family friends.”

The fake message went on to say that a police officer said they arrested a man for gun threats and that the suspects would be going to different Walmart stores and start shooting.

Neighborhood officer, Cpl. Barry Lewis with SPD, says the fake message has been floating around throughout the entire state.

He says though it was not a credible threat, in the light of the recent mass shootings, they took this very seriously.

“We don’t want you to change your life because this stuff does occur, and we don’t want you to sit inside your home and stare at walls and not go anywhere and not be social,” Lewis said. “We live in this world right now where social media is a big deal and people are acting on certain things, but you can’t sit there and wonder and worry.”

Cpl. Lewis says the department does offer active shooting training, including for businesses.

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