Toombs County soldier killed in Korean War to be laid to rest this weekend

Toombs County soldier killed in Korean War to be laid to rest this weekend

TOOMBS COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) - A Toombs County soldier killed in the Korean War will finally be laid to rest this weekend.

Last month, we brought you the news that his remains had been identified and he would be returned home.

The journey home for Cpl. Silas Smith began in Hawaii and made its way to the terminal in Savannah. The casualty escort brought Cpl. Smith’s casket from the terminal, surrounded by local members of the Patriot Guard. The motorcycle group, which includes many military veterans, provides escort for fallen troops. While Smith died in war almost 70 years ago, riders felt a duty to help remember him.

“To me, it’s important to support our military, no matter how far back it goes; World War I or whoever,” said Grady Blaxton, Patriot Guard Riders.

The motorcade led the corporal’s casket toward home. Towns along the way had spread the word. Folks lined the road at different points to show their support and condolences to a family whose loved one had given their life for their country. In some places, entire schools emptied to hold signs and flags.

“You can’t help but cry. I cried a couple of times on the way, for the love of this country and the patriotism that’s around; in South Georgia particularly,” said funeral director, Ronald Hall.

With a few somber steps, Cpl. Silas Smith was back in Toombs County where his community can say farewell.

With his remains finally back in Toombs County, the visitation will be Friday evening at Ronald Hall Funeral Home, and the funeral will take place Saturday morning in Pinecrest Cemetery. Family members say the public is invited to both.

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