Qualifying begins for Richmond Hill’s three vacant city council seats

Qualifying begins for Richmond Hill’s three vacant city council seats

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. (WTOC) - Qualifying for Richmond Hill City Council officially started Monday.

This city has three vacant seats to fill.

The fee for qualifying for those three seats is $150.

"First time this has ever happened that we had three city council positions open."

Richmond Hill Mayor Russ Carpenter said the vacant seats are either two or four-year terms. He said although he’s not up for re-election, the qualifying period is a very critical part of the election process.

“This could change the makeup of the entire city council, which will change the representation on city council," Carpenter said. “It could also affect our city, everything from tax rates to growth and roads and water and sewer,” he said.

“The next few years for the city are very crucial and vital. I’m excited about the caliber that will be coming in to qualify and hope that they are ready to jump on in and work, because there’s a lot of great work to be had here going forward.”

City Clerk and Superintendent of Elections Dawnne Greene said the qualifying period gives candidates a good month-and-a-half to get out and hit the streets campaigning.

“We’ve had a lot of turnover this past year, due to, unfortunately, the death of Johnny Murphy and then a few of our council members moving out of state for other opportunities," Greene said. "It has left more of a freshmen class, but the ones who have currently come on board have done a wonderful job taking up the reins.”

With the election just a few months away in November, Greene said it’s important for people to know whether or not they are eligible to vote.

“A basic guide we ask everyone is, if you get a city of Richmond Hill water bill, you are most likely in the Richmond Hill city limits," Greene said. “We do have a few residents who will have just sewer only or what not, and they might be out in the county, but that’s very, very rare,” she said. "A good rule of thumb is if you have a City of Richmond Hill water bill, you are within the city limits and are able to vote.”

Greene said election day is Nov. 5.

If you aren’t sure about where your polling place is or when the last day to register to vote is, click here.

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